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ProAVNews: Extron Now Available! Use ShareLink Pro for Digital Signage

Sharelink Pro Extron is pleased to announce our new Digital Signage LinkLicense upgrade for ShareLink® Pro Systems is now available! This LinkLicense upgrade allows digital signage content to display on ShareLink Pro devices when users aren't connected or sharing content. Signage content can be displayed on the ShareLink Pro 1100 and ShareLink Pro 500 using web-based HTML content provided by third-party digital signage providers like Appspace or Seenspire. ShareLink Pro displays can now operate as both collaboration presentation systems as well as digital signage systems that provide customized information, news, or announcements. With our latest LinkLicense enhancement, you can bring vibrant, dynamic, digital signage to your ShareLink Pro installations. Key FeaturesDisplays digital signag...

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Lease for Peace!! Leasing Your Video Conferencing System

Leasing Your Video Conferencing Systems

Lease for Peace!! Leasing Your Video Conferencing System

Peace of mind that is. So many times in my career I have seen customers compromise the quality and the functionality of their meeting space audio visual systems because they never really expected the systems to cost what the proposal listed.   You have a choice that can salvage your plans! CONSIDER LEASING! Get what you need today and lease it!!!

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