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ProAVNews: Cleaning & Disinfecting Planar Displays

More and more people are returning to their offices and places of business, and it's important that they know their Planar displays are safe to use. This short video offers some simple steps for cleaning and disinfecting displays. 

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How and Why to Properly Wrap Cables

Yes, there is a correct method to wrap a cable; no, it's not by coiling the cable around your elbow. An appropriately wrapped cable ensures that it will uncoil straight and quickly, prolong its life, and look professional. Why is Improper Wrapping Bad? What is more frustrating and embarrassing than trying to uncoil or disentangle a cable that has been improperly wrapped? In situations where you might not have a lot of time, trying to untwist and undo knots can be a tremendous waste of labor. Incorrect wrapping can create a bad cable "memory" and eventually destroy the wires. Wrapping a cable around your elbow or "straight coiling" does not work because every time it is wound, it causes the cable to twist with each loop made. When it is unwound, it coils and ti...

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     Feedback is that piercing screech or hum that is sometimes heard during live events involving microphones. Feedback is almost always an undesired sound in most audio systems. If you want to be able to control the problem, you first need to learn what feedback is and what causes the phenomenon.

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Improve Your Meeting With Small AV Changes

Imagine you are searching for a new car, and you know exactly which one you want. You are scouring different websites and local dealerships. You finally find that two different dealerships have the exact car you want. How do you decide? You decide to visit each dealership. The first one has faded paint on the building, the salesperson's shirt is un-tucked and the dealership's sign is quite old. So, you head to the next dealership. Here the paint is new, the salespeople are dressed well, and they even have a brand new LED sign out front! Knowing this, which dealership do you buy your car at? Planning and executing your event can be very much the same. Usually the goal is to motivate employees, sell an idea or to get everyone on the same page. Just like the dealerships, small details ca...

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Lease for Peace!! Leasing Your Video Conferencing System

Leasing Your Video Conferencing Systems

Lease for Peace!! Leasing Your Video Conferencing System

Peace of mind that is. So many times in my career I have seen customers compromise the quality and the functionality of their meeting space audio visual systems because they never really expected the systems to cost what the proposal listed.   You have a choice that can salvage your plans! CONSIDER LEASING! Get what you need today and lease it!!!

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