Event Lighting, Design and Professional Services

We understand how different colors and various lighting levels create different atmospheres. Guest experiences are enriched and senses indulged with the skillful usage of lighting and color.

Brighten Up Your Event With Lighting!

With all of the planning that goes into a major event, lighting and decor is often overlooked. Avoid a lackluster event and bring it to life by adding one of our lighting solutions!  Your decor is sure to highlight your event from the floor to the ceiling. We handle the delivery, set up and removal, so all you have to do is impress your guests with brilliant lighting and decor! Call today to schedule a consultation to have an amazing display at your next event.

Get hassle-free lighting for your next big occasion with our lighting solutions!

We really focus on the design aspect of your display. We do more than just light your event, we highlight it. During our initial consultation, we will discuss prevalent colors and themes associated with your event and plan a display that will complement your occasion and bring it to life.

Live event pre-visualization: Transforming renderings into experiences


Long before you arrive on site to enjoy your event, JP Lilley can bring your lighting to life.

We utilize advanced pre-visualization software to create a high definition 3D model of your event’s venue. The 3D model then allows us to design and propose different lighting options that make the most of your time and budget.

Our 3D renderings produce realistic lighting effects, including colors, patterns, shadows and volumetric data viewable from any angle. We can even add other graphical elements, lecterns, staging, furniture and other decor elements, so you can see how all the pieces of your event will come together.

With pre-visualization, JP Lilley event lighting and design offers you the ultimate creative freedom.


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