handshakeToday, when you shop for presentation solutions, you can choose from a variety of vendors—so why should you choose JP Lilley? People come to JP Lilley because an investment in our products delivers fast, proven ROI, a consistently superior end-user experience, and impressive productivity gains.

Why JP Lilley? Because JP Lilley solutions work the way you work.

Choose JP Lilley when you need

  • The most complete line-up of rental and sales equipment, technical excellence and support services, and positive ROI.
  • To reduce costs and positively impact the bottom line
  • Standards-based products that fully interoperate with your existing environment or workflow
  • Solutions that help lower your corporate carbon footprint and comply with regulations such as ADA, LEED and DOD
  • The best way to equip employees with products that are easy to install, maintain, and use
  • Turnkey solutions that can be developed by our certified staff

Why JP Lilley? Because JP Lilley is the regions established leader in Audio, Video and Presentation technologies

Select JP Lilley for the vendor that has

  • Been established since 1928
  • Certified infoComm Emerald Level Solutions Provider
  • Certified AMX ACE certified programmers on staff
  • Certified Extron A/V Associates on staff
  • Certified VBrick solutions provider
  • Certified Polycom reseller
  • Certified ISF technicians on staff
  • The richest heritage in superior audio, video and presentation solutions
  • The most comprehensive regional services and support in the industry
  • Deep expertise in various industries and vertical markets
  • The largest manufacturer representation base in the region

Why JP Lilley? Because JP Lilley solutions make good business sense.

Choose JP Lilley when you need a vendor and partner for solutions that

  • Make good financial sense
  • Make good environmental sense
  • Make the smartest operating sense

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