Expert Crestron Programming Services

expert crestron programming

JP Lilley AV enjoys an excellent reputation and relationship with Crestron because of both our Crestron programming capabilities and our commitment to excellent customer service.

We are dedicated to providing superior levels of expertise in Crestron control systems. With over 25 years of programming experience, that expert knowledge extends to the design of user interfaces, system functionality, work flow, security, remote monitoring, and support which provides comfort and optimum return on your investment.

Our outstanding graphics team makes the most of the display platform to create innovative and stunning designs for every size and style of touch panel or control surface. Whatever our innovated design team, and you, can imagine, our Crestron programming experts can bring your control system to life.

The Benefits

Maintaining a fluid relationship between our clients and Crestron is priority to us. It allows our teams to keep track of the latest technology and devices from Crestron and to understand how we can use it in our Crestron programming and design projects.

Our programming, design and system integration teams are also Information Technology savvy so JP Lilley is capable of deploying the latest control system solutions, multimedia, support and security. This knowledge, coordination and philosophy keep pace with your IT teams needs, maximize your return of investment and keep your privacy and security in the the forefront.

expert crestron programming graphical user interfacesJP Lilley programmers are true programmers. We provide Crestron programming for educational, industrial and commercial applications, just to name a few.  We also bring experience in professional design, integration, and Graphical User Interface (GUI) layouts and work flows. Our team is well versed in the programming technologies of today and tomorrow.

We see Crestron programming as an art. We are able to provide Crestron programming and development of compatible manufacturer protocols.  Each of our skilled programming staff is proficient in more than the typical automation languages, such as Crestron's SIMPLWindows and SIMPL+.  We have strong expertise in more complicated languages such as HTML, XML, PHP, FLASH, etc.  JP Lilley provides Crestron programming and development of device control modules.

We use our experience in more challenging languages to benefit our clients.  As a result, JP Lilley provides optimized Crestron programming and development of flexible and advanced modules which deliver more robust services directly to a touch panel.  Examples include: weather look-up, live traffic camera feeds, and stock tickers.

Crestron RoomView

crestron roomviewCrestron RoomView enables administrators and support staff to remotely take control of classroom technology, perform remote system diagnostics, track projector usage and lamp life and log network activity. Remote capabilities allow efficient scheduling of routine maintenance, faster response times to classroom support calls, and instant notification if devices are disconnected or unauthorized network access. For systems with more than 250 rooms upgrade to RoomView Server Edition.

Any questions or problems related to classroom technology, teachers just click the "Help" button from the RoomView software screen to instantly send an alert to their technical support. A member of the support staff can immediately respond and even take control of the classroom device from any remote location to resolve the issue quickly so classroom instruction is not interrupted.



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