LED Video Wall Rentals

JP Lilley's event production team specializes in offering the latest in LED video wall technology and design which elevates the experience and engages audiences. LED video walls have taken live events to the next level, as these dynamic screens truly create an immersive and unique experience.

We carry the latest LED video walls in the industry, which have indoor or outdoor ratings, so you can be sure your visual display will be intensely bright, even in outdoor sunlight. Our LED walls are customizable to any shape and size, so it can be tailor built for your event and budget.

Our team of LED video wall technicians offers professional rental setup and execution, and are committed to providing the service you expect.

Real-time Media Playback Solutions

We utlize state-of-the-art media playback servers that allow control of any attributes and content plays instantly. There is not a need to create a timeline.

Specialists for real-time video manipulation

Specializing in the design & execution of content for real-time manipulation of video during live events.

Pixel Mapping

3D Mapping

Output Mapping


Media Management