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Vaddio Launches the World's First Enterprise Class USB 3.0 Camera with Simultaneous USB and IP Streaming

Vaddio, the manufacturer who brought you the world's first   professional quality HD, USB PTZ camera and EasyUSB peripherals, has now   announced the RoboSHOT 12 USB camera - the world's first enterprise-class, HD   conferencing camera with simultaneous USB 3.0 and IP (H.264) streaming,   complete with an HDMI video output. Fully equipped with USB 3.0, the RoboSHOT 12 USB video stream   is uncompressed, which provides for pristine, high resolution and high frame   rate video, up to 1080p, without the loss of signal integrety found in most   USB web cams. Continue Reading

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Make the Quick Meeting, Conference Call, Web Streaming or Presentation Sharing Easy

Does your call to your client sound like it went over 2 cans and a string?

Communication-iStock 000002292092Medium

I find it hard to believe, but what I see in today’s offices as I travel around isn’t far removed from 2 cans and a string.

Make the quick meeting, conference call, web streaming or presentation sharing as easy as tying a string between 2 cans. Vaddio, the industry leader in high quality video cameras offers a USB connect solution that will take your web based video calls to high definition (HD) levels.

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