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COVID-19 Solutions: Adjusting to Remote Work Post COVID-19

JP Lilley continues to bring communication and presentation products to their clients that fit the time and the place. We have adjusted to the workspace for over 90 years. Now today we are working with our customers through the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers have spread out from their previous workspace and they are in a number of different scenarios. Working from many different places like never before. Now do you find that the laptop camera, audio and microphone are very poor quality or do not exist on the tablet you've been assigned? JP Lilley is open and ready to assist you in getting your employees set up in whatever space they are working from. Let us help you look and sound great to your meeting participants. We provide solutions for communication products from companies like Crest...

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ProAVNews: Cleaning Extron Products

Depending on the device, application, and location there may be times when it becomes necessary to clean your Extron product. Frequently touched devices such as touchscreens and button panels require regular cleaning to ensure their surfaces remain sanitary. Plastic surfaces and cosmetic finishes can be damaged by long term exposure to chemicals; therefore, Extron recommends the following guidelines when cleaning our products. All Extron products can safely be cleaned with: 70% concentration or higher Isopropyl Alcohol Disinfectant cleaners that:Are non-ammonium based (e.g. contains no ammonium chloride) Contain 2% or less sodium hypochlorite (e.g. 2% bleach, 98% water) Regardless of the device, it is important to follow these general guidelines when cleaning: If possible, unplug the devic...

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Keep Communications Flowing During The COVID-19 Crisis

What solutions does JP Lilley offer to help me communicate during the COVID-19 crisis? Temporary livestream and web conference solutions are available through our live event services. We offer a wide range of products from professional single camera and microphone setups to a more complex configuration featuring multiple cameras and a professional audio mixer for sound. When streaming, we can push your message and content to all of the popular destinations, such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, Livestream, Ustream, Wowza, and Twitch. We can stream to multiple destinations or just one. We can work directly with your IT team to send directly to your website if desired or use embed code to achieve this goal. With the web conferencing option, we can connect the latest presentatio...

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