Professional Esports Unleashed!

Utilize the latest display technologies, creative set design and next generation high-definition production workflow to create a dynamic gaming experience at your next Esport event.

Display options range from large format projection, which can be edge blended to form an ultra-wide surface, to ultra-fine pitch direct view LED video walls for the ultimate game play. All displays can be customized with mixed media such as team names, animated graphics, player names and stats, live game play feeds from any of the player consoles, and live camera shots of each player.

eSports1No matter if you’re playing a head-to-head match or a multi-player team tournament, our hardware based video distribution system delivers maximum performance to each player so they experience zero lag time and maximum frames per second response.

We use proven technology to handle multiple high-definition end points. This allows our Esports designs to deliver content way beyond the virtual realm. Additional displays can be added to each set design to support event sponsors, team or player information, motion graphics or live content feeds on demand.

Audio routing and management solutions enhance the gaming experience by providing in game audio, eSport commentation, event announcements and introductions.

Professional event lighting adds to each segment of the tournament. We develop scenes for team and player introduction, match scenarios, breaks or intermission, special guests or event sponsors, just to name a few.

Boost your game play and immerse yourself in the ultimate Esports experience today by contacting one of our Esport designers.