BirdDog Studio NDI Encoder

The Worlds Best NDI Encoder.


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By connecting your video source to a BirdDog Studio NDI, your video becomes available anywhere on your network making connection to your favourite NDI production system a breeze.

Studio NDI is the world’s most versatile, camera mountable, NDI encoder. With so many features packed into an aircraft grade aluminium case, Studio NDI gives you an unrivalled feature set.


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BirdDog Studio features:

  • HD-SDI and HDMI inputs
  • HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, with video looping to allow SDI2HDMI and HDMI2SDI conversion
  • Conversion to NDI
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Onboard Dual-Color Tally
  • Tally Out connector
  • 5x35 LED Display, selectable Info, Tally, Multi-tally modes
  • Software upgradeable
  • Power from Ethernet or external DC power



BirdDog Studio NDI makes esports a breeze.

Gamers are already operating in an IP world and Studio NDI natively talks the same
language. Simply attach a Studio NDI to the HDMI output on your gaming computer
or gaming console and you then have live video anywhere on your network.

Best of all Studio NDI adds no extra load to the CPU as no software is required
to be installed, meaning gamers retain full fps for gameplay.



Whether you are producing the live stream for a concert to go out to a million
viewers online, or you are producing your local school’s end of year drama
production BirdDog Studio NDI makes live events simple.

Studio NDI allows you to attach any camera to any video network and eliminates
the need for expensive and proprietary video cables and backend equipment.

With a variety of flexible ways to power Studio NDI including Power over Ethernet
(PoE), D-Tap from a professional camera battery or via included power adapter,
Studio NDI truly simplifies your next event.



Live sports production is a challenging environment and you need to have confidence in your gear as you
only get one chance to capture that moment.

Studio NDI gives you rock solid reliability due to the hardware design.

Studio NDI does all of its work in dedicated silicon chips. There are no moving parts and the case is constructed
of aircraft grade aluminium. Studio NDI is built to have your back, every time.