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Improve Your Meeting With Small AV Changes

Improve Your Meeting With Small AV Changes
Imagine you are searching for a new car, and you know exactly which one you want. You are scouring different websites and local dealerships. You finally find that two different dealerships have the exact car you want. How do you decide? You decide to visit each dealership. The first one has faded paint on the building, the salesperson's shirt is un-tucked and the dealership's sign is quite old. So, you head to the next dealership. Here the paint is new, the salespeople are dressed well, and they even have a brand new LED sign out front! Knowing this, which dealership do you buy your car at? 

Planning and executing your event can be very much the same. Usually the goal is to motivate employees, sell an idea or to get everyone on the same page. Just like the dealerships, small details can go a long way in making an impression and improving your meeting. While the sign and paint may have nothing to do with how nice the cars are on the lot, we all make decisions based on perception, right? So what can you do? 

When creating your presentation, make sure the image size matches that of the screen you will be using to present the information. When you have widescreen projection screens, but your presentation is in an older format, therefore not filling the entire screen, it is not pleasing to the viewer. Also, creating an atmosphere for your attendees to feel welcome and relaxed is important. While many meeting venues have nice walls, carpet and overhead lighting, placing LED lights around the room and correctly lighting your stage can provide a warming atmosphere for your attendees (see picture below). 

As for sound, make sure you have enough microphones so you are not shuffling them around during the event. Don't shy away from providing light music while guests arrive, and while they exit. To improve your meeting sound, make sure you have someone proficient with operating sound equipment, or hire a professional to do so. The last thing you want is a high pitched squeal right in the middle of your keynote speech! 

Just like that dealership with an old sign, or unkempt salespeople, you don't want to lose the attention of your event attendees because you neglected to invest in the details!

Photo: 1/11/17 @ Hershey Country Club by JP Lilley AV
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