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Meeting Room Upgrades to Digital

If you use laptops, PC’s, or Apple Mac's for your meetings and presentations and have conference rooms or meeting spaces that are more than 2 years old, I ask that you consider contacting JP Lilley. Here are some things that have changed in the business world with computers and displays.

If you have this... VGA Connection to connect to your projector,

you will need this… HDMI Connection, or this… Display Port Connection. This is real! We get calls every day from customers being caught in this situation. Laptops and desktop computers today have totally switched over to the newer digital format an connectivity.

  • Most, if not all laptops that are shipping today no longer have the analog VGA (15-Pin)
  • All newer laptops and desktops use HD widescreen displays and default to that output, which requires higher resolution from the display to produce the widescreen image
  • More content (particularly Apple Mac) is being protected and requires that the display have the capability to handshake (EDID - Extended display identification data)

If your presentation system in your meeting space is more than 2 years old, the image in your meeting space probably looks like this… 4 by 3 Aspect Ratio

Both the computer industry and the audio visual markets have transitioned to this type of display…16 by 9 Aspect Ratio

Displays and projectors are needing to produce at a much higher resolution to match the laptops and what customers are finding out is that some laptops and desktops do not play well with the older displays and produce either a poor image or none at all.

If you are refreshing computers for your company, you may be finding out that you only have HDMI or display port connections. If this is your situation, give us a call. JP Lilley can walk you through the change and come up with a plan to make the transition.

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