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2019 Central Pennsylvania Chapter JDRF Gala featuring a performance from country music artist Eric Paslay

2019 JDRF Gala with featuring Eric Paslay
Pre-Planning and Design
We have worked with the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of JDRF for many years and have a trusted relationship.

Project discussions started in the fall/winter timeframe of 2018 with only the name of the event "Black Tie - Boots and Bling" and that renowned, Platinum-selling, hit songwriter and dynamic performer Eric Paslay would be the featured artist.

The design for the event was left up to our team to provide a creative solution using in-house technology while meeting a modest production budget. Additional budget hurdles included a larger venue space, compared to the previous year, as well as compromising on an appropriate live sound system for the sound engineer touring with Eric Paslay.

The initial set design and budget was provided to JDRF in January of this year.

This year's design had to have a unique modern look to set it apart from the prior years while still maintaining the functionality of dual projection screens, drape, lighting, and presentation audio then be flexible enough to switch to the live performance scenario.

To accomplish the modern set look a modular backdrop was chosen which had an interesting pattern. This would provide the eye-catching visuals provided by the various lighting scenes.

After receiving specifications from Eric Paslay's technical crew, meetings, and conference calls, several designs were visualized then presented to the client with the final concept being accepted in February 2019.

Focus on Lighting
Development of the various light scenes for the night had it's challenges and required a large portion of the project time budget. Due to venue location and overall project budget we were not able to rig overhead so all lighting was ground based.

The first step was to decide on appropriate fixtures to meet our design goals and to create a versatile, engaging look.

Equipment Used

  • Eight Chauvet Professional Ovation E910-FC
  • Four Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Wash
  • Four Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Spots
  • Twelve Chauvet Professional COLORado Tour 1
  • Eight Chauvet Professional Batten 72
  • One Look Solutions Unique 2.0 Hazer

The next step was to pre visualize each scene and program the lighting console. Samples of the pre visualized scenes are below.

After design concept, fixture list and pre visualization were completed, next step was to acquire the set list (14 songs), which included tempos of each song. Using this information it was time to create the show files.

The process of developing a custom lighting program for the event was as follows.

  • Created fixture patch, color-coded and grouped according to model of fixture
  • Created presets to program from:
    • Intensity
    • Pan/Tilt
    • Colors
    • Gobos
    • Beam adjustments (focus/zoom/prism)
  • Created a cuelist for each song which included segment names and timecode which allowed for reminders as well as the flexibility one the event that the songs were played slightly different that previous times.
  • Created playback banks with different attributes so that there was ability to 'busk' when needed as the song progressed of if the set list changed. Attributes covered were:
    • Intensity
    • Pan/Tilt
    • Colors
    • Gobos
    • Beam adjustments
    • Intensity, Color, P/T FX
    • Chase cuelists with TapSync tempo adjustments
    • Overrides with Stage wash and Global FX Speeds

Before going on site, all fixtures were addressed and ID'd so that we could plug and play as designed. When on site we wired everything in position and since the pre-visualization was done to scale, very minimal adjustments were needed. This saved valuable time on site.

During the presentation portion of the event a basic static blue look was requested by the client. Then during concert portion of event some songs were changed and added, 'busking' was required.

Project Pre Visualizations and Lighting Design by Kyle MacIntire.

The sound system needs for this year was a big change from prior years. So we used two QSC KLA12 line arrays rigged in ceiling and two QSC KW-181 subwoofers placed in front of the main stage. This configuration provided better performance for the event offering more head room and greater coverage.

Equipment Used

  • Two QSC KLA12 Line Arrays
  • Two QSC KW181 Subwoofers
  • Three Shure QLX-D Microphones
  • Shure SM58s, Shure SM57s, Shure Beta52, Rode M5
  • Radial PRO-DIs
  • Allen & Heath Qu16 (monitor mix) and Allen & Heath Qu32 (FOH)
  • Five QSC K12 Speakers for monitors

We set up the entire stage before hand for each band member to have multiple inputs (instrument/vocal mics) and a stage monitor (each on an aux for separate mixes). A second technician was there pre-event to work with the band, get everything setup and organized for sound check.

It was a challenge to meet the technical needs, expectations, venue parameters and project budget however during the event the sound was executed well and performed without issues.

Triscari, a Camp Hill Pennsylvania based video production company, was the video/presentation partner for the 2019 Central Pennsylvania Chapter JDRF Gala and has provided this service for many years.

They produced all of the videos and presentation content used for the event as well as a 4K camera for event archival and the main output was downscaled to HD for IMAG feed. They also provided a windows based workstation with dual display outputs for content management and playback.

Triscari managed the live event switcher, content playback and IMAG during the event.

The main stage and set were placed forward within the space to allow for rear projection. We decided on dual screens which were sixteen feet wide with full dress kits. Two Panasonic PT-RZ120 12K lumen laser projectors with short throw lens provided the crystal clear images on the screens. A Roland VR-50HD live event switcher was utilized for the main presentation and on screen graphics. 3G-HDSDI signal distribution was the chosen solution for the video backbone.

The concept for the event was to mix the needs of a traditional corporate event (dual screens, podium, talking heads) with the creative aspects of a live event that would wow the audience and provided an engaging experience.

 About JDRF

JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and because of generous donor and partner support, we have been able to direct over $2 billion toward research. JDRF is an organization built on a grassroots model of people connecting in their local communities, collaborating regionally for efficiency and broader fundraising impact, and uniting on a national stage to pool resources, passion, and energy. JDRF collaborates with academic institutions, policymakers, and corporate and industry partners to develop and deliver a pipeline of innovative therapies to people living with T1D. Our vision is to create a world without T1D. 
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About Triscari
Harrisburg's Leader in Video Production, Web development & Marketing

With over 400 local clients helped using the latest video production technology; professional, attractive, and affordable web design; and the most effective internet strategies, we are by far, Harrisburg's choice. Triscari has been highly recognized for its unique designs, stunning creativity, and impressive customer service.

In addition, the Triscari Team's award-winning Senior Producers approach each project with careful attention to detail. They manage productions as a collaborative effort between clients and the Triscari team, keeping clients well informed throughout each project. Triscari producers are versed in the latest production and post-production techniques, equipment and programs. They are accomplished artists, designers and technicians who ensure quality results.
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About JP Lilley & Son, Inc.

Established in 1928 as one of the nations first audio visual companies and a founding member of NAVA ( National Audio Visual Association) the predecessor to INFOCOMM International who recently became AVIXA (AudioVisual and Integrated eXperience Association).
JP Lilley has been providing rental & staging solutions and audio visual sales since it was established in 1928, of course at that time period it was 16mm film and projection being transported by horse and buggy throughout the streets of central Pennsylvania. 

Our rental and staging offerings have evolved into a full service AVL live event production company which elevates our clients experiences with a creative twist.
In 1988 our audio visual sales transformed into a complete design, system integration and control system programming department which continues to offer state-of-the-art solutions to our clients throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

Our staff continue to carry association and manufacturer certifications which include AVIXA, Chief, Extron Electronics, Crestron Electronics, AMX, ClearOne, SMART, Polycom, Cisco, and Columbus McKinnon just to name a few.
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