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ProAVNews: Extron Quantum Ultra Connect Streamlined 4K Videowall Processing for Small to Mid-Sized Applications

Extron is pleased to introduce Extron Quantum® Ultra Connect 84 and Quantum Ultra Connect 128, videowall processors with eight and twelve HDMI inputs for systems with up to four or eight displays. They deliver the same high-quality scaling and real-time performance as Extron's Quantum Ultra processors. Vector™ 4K scaling and HyperLane® high-speed video bus technologies produce sharp, accurate output and deliver real-time performance unattainable by other videowall processors. A few of their many designer-friendly features include custom output resolutions, input and output image rotation, bezel compensation, and flexible window placement, which allows side-by-side, overlap, and picture-in-picture image positioning. For HDCP-encrypted content, Extron Key Minder® and SpeedSwitch® Technology ...
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