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John Kurtinecz

ProAVNews: Shure Upgrade to digital wireless before it's too late!

Make the Switch Today! We are quickly approaching the end of Phase 9 of the FCC 600 MHz TV Channel Re-packing, which affects most of the Mid-Atlantic states! What does this mean? As we all probably know, the FCC auctioned off the 600MHz band in 2017 and has been repacking (relocating) TV channels that resided in the 600MHz range down into lower frequency bands. This repack also included reorganizing and repacking TV channels that were already down in the lower frequencies including some in the VHF band. How does this affect me? The post incentive auction frequencies now available for use in the US is 470MHz-617MHz. Now that the repack is nearly complete, most of the frequencies in the new legal spectrum have been consumed by TV channels that were repacked into new lower frequencies. The en...
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